Like all business and organisations, from May 2018 sports clubs now have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Email inboxes across the country have been receiving a lot of mail on the subject.

At Abbeygate Badminton Club (ABC) your trust is very important to us so we've prepared a data protection policy to explain how we collect, store and handle your personal data.

This will be sent out each year at the start of the season.

We encourage you to read this notice in full. However, to summarise:

1. We will always use your data within the law

2. We will never sell your data

3. We will not send marketing communications without permission

We aim to ask only for information necessary for the club to function. Most of the information is required for Badminton England (BE) affiliation; an insurance obligation. Contact information is also needed for us to keep you informed.

You are free to ask the club to remove personal details held by us at any time by contacting the club secretary at

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